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Cutting the cost of car keys with Carkeyhelp

Modern car keys can be very expensive to replace. Carkeyhelp can save you a lot of money by replacing a worn or damaged key or remote case with a new one. All that you have to do is transfer the transponder chip or remote circuit board into the new key and save money.

If it's a spare key that you're looking for, we can help with this as well. Just choose a key with a transponder chip for your car's year of manufacture.

Use the menu to locate your make and model of car and see what is available. If you can't find what you are looking for then send us an email with details and if possible a picture of what it is that you require. We are constantly adding new items to the web site.

On some cars you can program an additional key or remote yourself. Details are provided in Key Programming and Remote Programming for many vehicles free of charge.

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